Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pig pug

The little mutt above looks a bit like a pug from the front, and may be part Akita, but the most notable things about her are her birth defects (IMAGES AND X-RAYS HERE). She's missing several ribs and vertebrae and the vertebrae she does have are fused and twisted. Also rotated in the wrong positions are her hips and other joints. She and her sisters were born to a feral mother in the woods northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., in Fall 2013. But it was the bark of this strange little puppy that drew rescue. Kim Dillenbeck of Helena, Montana, was visiting her sister in the Atlanta area at Christmas when she heard about the dog. She adopted the already-named "Pig," who was not expected to survive for long. Although Dillenbeck is careful feeding her because the dog has trouble swallowing, can't eat large meals, and shouldn't gain weight, Pig is happy and well-adjusted: fetching, playing and wrestling with Dillenbeck's Welsh Corgis, snacking, and napping happily. "Pig doesn't know there's anything wrong with her," assures Dillenbeck.

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