Thursday, May 1, 2014

Look at Ludwig

There is a story making its rounds on the web which is so strange it almost reads like an urban legend. A previously homeless 58-year-old man in Novy Bydzov, Czech Republic, has taken up residence in an abandoned farmhouse. Ludwig Dolezal (IMAGE ABOVE, MORE HERE) has been dubbed (by whom?) "the dirtiest man in Europe." He buys food with a small stipend from the Czech government, but keeps himself warm by sleeping in a bed of ashes! He is said to suffer from an undiagnosed psychological disorder (named?) which makes him want to share his life with fire and ash. For the past year (or more?), he has kept a fire going constantly, beginning with his mattress and duvet, including bushes that he cuts down and wooden boards that he pulls from unused sheds, and supplemented by car tires donated by his neighbors. Dolezal, who also smoke cigarettes, admits, I've got constant breathing problems."


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