Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hammerhead horde

A group of young men fishing off the 700' (213 m) pier in Venice, Florida, U.S., caught something, but the line got wrapped around a piling. Noe Campos jumped in the water and discovered that that something was a 12" (3.7 m) hammehead shark. When they wrestled it to shore, they noticed it had a huge bite out of it and realized it was also pregnant. The mother was beyond help, but the babies were trying to emerge. Campos and his friends pulled out 20 viable hammerhead pups. He describes, "I stood in the water for a couple of seconds to make sure they swam off good. I held them and as soon as I put them out, voom! They took off." No love lost: Wikipedia explains that once baby hammerheads are born, they are not taken care of by the parents in any way.

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