Sunday, April 27, 2014


A unique travel guide has been produced to entice tourists to visit the medieval city of York, England. In addition to useful information, the guidebook – entitled "Smell York" – includes 12 photographs infused with the smells unique to the area. Scent engineers have captured the enticing aromas of afternoon tea, complete with cream cakes and scones; wild heather on the moors; world-class chocolate; and blooming fields of daffodils. But they also offer more gritty nosefuls: coal, steam, and oil from the railways;, strong Yorkshire cheese; the pungent racecourse (achieved with the scents of horse hair, hoof oil, grass, and fruit punch); and the sulfuric aroma of the city’s famous ghosts (recreated by combining the stench of rotten eggs with the fragrance of roses, reminiscent of graveyards).


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