Sunday, April 6, 2014

Living in the past

This is not an antique photo. This is 41-year-old Dutch historical consultant Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, who has decided to live her work (SLIDESHOW HERE). Here she sits in her parlor, darning socks by the wireless. She has no television and instead surrounds herself with the furniture, literature, and accessories of the 1930s. Her business requires that she use a computer, but she only has a refrigerator because it would be impossible to have ice delivered for an icebox. She uses a Bakelite phone instead of a cell phone. She feels quite comfortable inhabiting the lifestyle of a lower-middle-class woman in Amsterdam. She owns a period vacuum cleaner, scrubs the floor on her hands and knees, and washes her clothes by hand. She doesn't ignore the present, but began filling her life with things from the past as a child and finally, as an adult, honed in on the your 1939. I felt right at home," she says.


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