Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dugout dug out

In another instance of a treasure being rediscovered inside a museum, a canoe that has been in the back of a display case at the Western Hennepin County Pioneer Association Museum in Minnesota, U.S., for 46 years has been found to be of more historical significance than previously thought. Believed to date to the 18th c., recent radiocarbon testing by Maritime Heritage Minnesota has revealed that the dugout canoe was crafted by Native Americans 1,000 years ago to navigate the state'ś lakes. The canoe was discovered in 1934 buried in mud in Lake Minnetonka and passed through various museums before it was acquired by the Pioneer Association in 1960. At least one major Minnesota institution now covets the piece, which has been moved to a more prominent spot, but museum president Russ Ferran declares, "We intend to keep it as long as we can protect it."


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