Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Long-distance Lydia

While the more immediate concern is scouring digital images of the Gulf of Thailand for the missing Malaysian airliner, you can also from your computer track the progress of a great white shark across the Atlantic Ocean. "Lydia" is a 14' (4.4 m) shark tagged last March off Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. (IMAGE ABOVE). She already holds the record for traveling farther then any known great white shark: about 20,000 miles (32,187 km). Lydia is now just east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and is headed toward the U.K.'s Cornish coast, at which point she will have the distinction of being the first great white observed to cross the Atlantic Ocean. "We're really just starting out in the world of white sharks," says Greg Skomal of the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries, who had attached the new generation unit that sends a satellite signal every time her dorsal fin rises above the surface of the water. You can follow her real-time location on the homepage of Ocearch.

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