Thursday, January 23, 2014

Museum worthy

After suffering through winter temperatures of -22°F (-30°C), a Canadian man finally decided to fix his old furnace. Beneath it he found an incredible object – not from the ancient Indian burial site over which his 100-year-old house had been built, but a ceremonial axe from Central America (IMAGE ABOVE). It was identified as a “tumi" when he took it to a local university, but the researchers were unable to explain how this bronze knife, used in animal sacrifices and skull trepanation, ended up at his house. He learned that the item can sell for about $5,000 (€3,700) at auction, but decided instead to share it. After allowing the local museum to perform some tests, he suggested they put it on display, and says proudly, I cannot believe it. Something that I found is important enough to be presented in a museum."

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