Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gray-Gray whale

An amazing discovery – declared by marine biologist Benito Bermudez of CONANP to be “exceptionally rare, without any precedent” was made off the Mexican coast on Sunday: conjoined twin gray whales (IMAGE ABOVE, MORE PHOTOS AND VIDEO HERE)! The anomalous animals, found floating n the Ojo de Liebre lagoon, had probably been miscarried or stillborn. There is speculation that the difficult birth may have killed their mother, who would have migrated with hundreds of other gray whales the 6,000 miles from the Bering Sea to Mexico's west coast to calve during the last week of December and the first two weeks of January. Even in their undeveloped state, the whales weighed nearly half a ton and measured about 13' (4 m) long. The heavy carcasses have been removed by a government agency for further study. Conjoined twins have occurred in other whale species such as fin, sei, and minke, but these gray whales are apparently a first. I don't know if whales have waists, but that is where they are said to be joined, which would classify them in human terms as pygopagus.

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