Thursday, January 16, 2014

Amazing apparatus

Korean student Jeabyun Yeon, who is studying product design at Samsung Art And Design Institute, has come up with a novel concept rivaling the SCUBA gear developed by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960s. The Triton Oxygen Respirator, as he calls it, uses technology developed by a Korean scientist that allows divers to breathe freely underwater. The oxygen is extracted directly from the water through a filter of fine threads with holes smaller than water molecules. A micro compressor, powered by a micro battery, compresses and stores the extracted oxygen in a tank. The mask consists of a plastic mouthpiece and 2 arms (SKETCHES ABOVE, PHOTOS HERE) and the device will revolutionize diving if it makes it out of the studio and into the water. Of the artificial gill, blogger Bill Ottman writes, "Essentially it turns humans into fish."

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  1. Practical applications for the apparatus appear to extend far beyond commercial and industrial applications. There is some indication that the apparatus may be useful in covert applications where stealth is required in tactical deployment where terrain limits maneuverability/visibility


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