Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hans' hair

The current record-holder for the title of world's longest beard in a living male is Canadian Sarwan Singh, whose facial hair was measured at 7' 9" (2.37 m). This doesn't hold a candle to Norwegian-born American citizen Hans Langseth (1846-1927). As a Farmer in Minnesota and North Dakota, he would roll the bundle up and tuck it in his jacket (VIDEO LINK HERE). He later joined the circus so he could display it for a living, but that change of career was short-lived because he got tired of rubes yanking on it to prove to themselves it was real. Langseth's beard (IMAGE ABOVE AT AGE 66) measured an incredible 8 1/2' (5.64 m)! Or perhaps I should say measures, because the beard is still with us even though its bearer is long gone. It survives in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, where staff members have been known to try it on. After his death, Langseth's family cut his facial hair off and later donated it, so "King Whiskers" (MORE PHOTOS HERE) was buried with just a 12" beard.


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