Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hoodoo hoodlums

The landscape of Utah's Goblin Valley State Park is characterized by formations known as hoodoos, or more colloquially as "goblins" (EXAMPLE ABOVE). In an act of vandalism that is not unprecedented, 3 idiots - scout leaders, no less - took it upon themselves to modify one of those geologic features. Identified by the authorities because they tagged themselves in the video they posted (VIDEO HERE), they are as uncaring of our national treasures as the fools who damage petroglyphs or obliterate them with graffiti. Jeff Rasmussen, deputy director of Utah State Parks and Recreation, declared that the men face potential felony charges for their senseless and destructive act: “It’s a valley full of these rocks that are perched up on these earth platforms, and obviously we’re very concerned and upset that someone would come and destroy this natural wonder that took millions of years to be formed.


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