Saturday, September 28, 2013

Honest alpinist

A young Frenchman made a discovery while climbing the Bosson glacier on the approach to the summit of Mont Blanc in the Alps. It was a tin the size of the shoebox with indications that the contents had come from India. The mountaineer was aware that wreckage sometimes surfaced from 2 Air India aircraft that had crashed years ago – one a propeller plane that crashed in 1950 resulting in the deaths of 48 passengers and crew and the other a Boeing 707 that went down in 1966 killing all 11 crew and 106 passengers. The Indian government claimed a bag of diplomatic mail which surfaced near the wreckage of the second accident and was found by 2 climbers in 2012 (IMAGE ABOVE). This recently discovered box is believed to have been on the same plane, and the French authorities have contacted their Indian counterparts to see if the owner of the contents can be found. "This was an honest young man who very quickly realised that they belonged to someone who died on the glacier," says local gendarmerie chief Sylvain Merly of the climber who immediately turned in his discovery. If the rightful owner cannot be located, the tin will be his along with the treasure trove it contains: roughly 100 precious gems including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires with an estimated value of €246,000 (£207,000, $332,000)!

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