Saturday, September 7, 2013


Under other circumstances, the 19-month-old baby in the image above would have been born in 1985, the 3rd child of a couple in Oregon who already had twins. Instead, he was born in 2012 to a woman in Hampton, Virginia. After 2 unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization, Kelly Burke decided to adopt – not a living child, but a frozen embryo that has been stored in dry ice for the better part of 2 decades. The adoption is an open one, so little Liam will meet his college-age siblings and any future brothers or sisters resulting from the implantation of the Oregon couple's 2 remaining frozen embryos. Burke, who happens to be a researcher at NASA, is a proud parent, happy that science has allowed her to give birth to the second oldest cryopreserved human embryo in history. "Technology is my world," she says.


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