Sunday, August 25, 2013

Loving llamas

The owners of service animals kindly bring them in to visit the residents in the facility where I am living. These are invariably dogs, and their "pet parents" always look a little miffed when I decline to engage with them, telling them I am a "cat person." I would, however, be immediately drawn to the therapy llamas taken to see patients at the Health and Rehabilitation Center in Bellingham, Washington! Chances of my meeting one of these bemusing creatures here in Florida are slim, since only 14 of the 10,000 registered therapy animals in the U.S. are llamas and they seem to be mainly on the West Coast. Canadian photographer Jen Osborne was commissioned by Colors Magazine to photograph the interactions between the Bellingham residents and llamas Marisco and Flight. About the llamas, she comments, "…they were even more obedient than dogs."

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