Saturday, August 31, 2013

Alligator acupuncture

A caiman (caiman crocodilus yacare) living in the Sao Paulo aquarium in Brazil, is receiving weekly acupuncture treatments. "Bino" is distinguished not only by the fact that he is albino, but because he has a hunchback as a result of the scoliosis and kyphosis he was born with 8 years ago. The aquarium's biologist Rafael Gutierrez explains that the animal could not move his rear legs or his tail before the therapy carried out by veterinarian Daniela Cervaletti. "The treatment complete, handlers help Bino back into a display pool, his white skin stark against brown fake rocks painted with foliage. He moves easily and swishes his tail, gliding along the water as a gaggle of young schoolchildren in matching blue and gray uniforms squeal in delight, faces pressed up against the glass separating them from Bino."

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