Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vertiginous videos

Step no further into this post if you have a fear of heights (that means you, Dad!). Yesterday, I came across this video of a practitioner of parkour. It is the first-person perspective of British athlete James Kingston working his daredevil magic across the rooftops of Cambridge. Although the University is none too happy, the 23-year-old insists he does not have a death wish. In another recent video, his chest-mounted camera records his climb up a 250' construction crane in his hometown of Southhampton. He says, “It’s very rare to have such high structures in my city so I couldn't pass off the opportunity to climb it and get some awesome shots....I didn't go up there to die. I went up there to live.” If you're not yet feeling giddy, allow me to refer you to my earlier posts about the "world's scariest path," the Camino del Rey in Spain, and some others. And here would be the place to add a link to a 9-minute video of workers installing the antenna atop the newly-built Freedom Tower in New York City. And I'll leave you with this: I recently came across some photos of my sister doing a bungee jump from a bridge. I scanned them in and sent them to her. She replied, "Back when I was awesome!"

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