Thursday, June 13, 2013

Package of poop

People who don't pick up after their dogs are reviled the world over. Communities in the U.S. have turned to companies offering to DNA test dog feces to identify wayward owners. A city in Taiwan encouraged clean-up by offering lottery tickets for a chance to win a gold ingot to those who turned in their dog's messes. In February, the small town of Brunete, Spain, took a stealthy and hands-on approach to their problem following an amusing ad campaign (VIDEOS HERE). They enlisted volunteers to keep an eye on dog-walkers. They approached those who didn't scoop and casually obtained the pet's name and breed. They secretly collected and labelled the dog doo for town officials, who looked up owners' addresses in their database of registered pets and delivered the poop to them in a special box. A cameraman recorded their reactions as they signed for the packages marked "lost property." The less aromatic contents of the boxes promised a fine if the act were repeated. Anecdotal evidence suggests that abandoned eliminations have been eliminated by as much as 70%. "We didn’t have volunteers tallying up the poo before and after the campaign; our results are based on what neighbors have told us," says the town hall spokesperson.


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