Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Arla, a global dairy company, has commissioned a unique jacket to launch its male-targeted, chocolate-flavored protein drink. The garment (FIRST IMAGE, MORE PHOTOS HERE) took a team of fashion designers over 200 hours to create from more than one million strands of male chest hair. "We commissioned the Man-Fur Coat as a wake up call for the nation's gents. A way to encourage them to readopt the values of assured 'men's men' from yesteryear who would laugh nonchalantly in the face of adversity and be proud of their abundant manliness," says a company spokesman (who may or may not have a hairy chest). A 500g bottle of the drink costs £1.10. The coat costs £2,499.

A photo of a woman wearing some very strange stockings (SECOND IMAGE, UNCROPPED PHOTO HERE) has gone viral after appearing on a Chinese website. The picture's caption translates, "Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out." The insinuation is that a product has been created to discourage molesters. The price? No one knows because no further information can be found!

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  1. As a dude with very little leg hair (and occasionally being teased for it, still) when I first saw those tights, I'll admit it, I got a little excited. Even as joke-apparel to make fun of the random bare patches on my calves, I'd love to get a pair! Silly viral images that don't lead anywhere!

    That jacket is pretty nuts too. Makes me think of the old hair shirts that... priests? I remember one of my history teachers talking about them at some point. Wearing them as part of penance.


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