Monday, May 13, 2013

Ice twice

You may have seen footage on the news lately of lake ice being pushed into homes, but – like me – you may not have realized that there were 2 "ice tsunami" events in different locations over the weekend:
Lake Mille Lacs, 100 mi north of Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A., Saturday, May 11th, breakfast-time. Winds as strong as 40 mph pushed a wall of ice onto the southeastern shorelines. The ice – 30' tall in some places –advanced on the homes and a resort on a 10-mile stretch of the lake (VIDEO HERE). Resident Darla Johnson describes, “You could hear it right through the doors, that’s what alerted us to all of it. And we turned around and you could just see it. It’s creepy because it starts coming towards you and you’re like ‘What is that!
Dauphin Lake, 200 mi northwest of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Friday, May 10th, dinner-time. Winds up to 35 mph pushed ice floes from the lake onto the shore of the Ochre Beach neighborhood and into the houses, completely destroying 6 and damaging another 14. “Bang! The ice came right through the living room,” says homeowner Dana Billows of the event which lasted a mere 15 minutes (PHOTOS AND VIDEOS HERE).

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