Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cheetah dream

I had a very strange dream about cheetahs the other night. I was visiting a college campus on which the big cats were allowed to roam during the day, but as a precaution – since they fed at night – they were rounded up at dusk. I accompanied the groundskeeper on foot and each time we encountered a cheetah, he would coax it into a giant burlap bag he was dragging behind him. The animal would immediately fall asleep once it was inside the bag, which already contained a pile of 9 sleeping cheetahs when I woke up! With some exceptions, cheetahs are known to be very tolerant of humans and have been kept as pets by some historic figures, including Genghis Khan, Charlemagne, and Akbar the Great. They were used for hunting by the ancient Egyptians and ancient Persians. I remembered an Art Deco image of a woman walking a cheetah on a leash by the Russian-born French artist Erté (1892-1990), found it here, and am pleased to add it to Quigley's Cabinet!


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