Friday, April 5, 2013

We've been had!

After I posted on Wednesday about the community service of cleaning the Paris catacombs, I sent the link to French-Word-A-Day blogger Kristin Espinasse. Here is her reply:
Thank you for posting about my catacombs story! I'm sorry to was an April fool's story that I made up! It was fun writing it and learning more about the catacombs. Did you know there is a name for people who love and are obsessed with the catacombs? They are called "cataphiles". And the police that have to chase them out of the underground "city" are called "cataflics" -- after "flic" (which is "police" in French). I thought you might enjoy that. After reading your blog and enjoying my visit (love your Halloween costumes!), I wanted to share that back!
And this just as I was bemoaning to a friend that I was out of practice, because I hadn't played any April fools tricks this year! A comment on Facebook should have clued me in: Laura writes, "What a strange punishment. I never heard of that and I have lived in France for 20 years." In fact, the catacombs were recently restored, but not by civilians. Over several months 2005, lighting was updated, arches were consolidated, and the walls of bones were reinstalled. By the way, I chose this image as an illustration because Flickr photographer MsAnthea said she rubbed one skull for good luck.

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