Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Navant the savant

Recently, the position of head curator opened up at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. One inquiry arrived with a 3-page cover letter detailing the applicant's experience on archaeological digs and self-publication of a book on dinosaurs. Also included was a letter of recommendation – from his third grade teacher! Eli Navant was so serious and so passionate that they brought him in for an interview. Director of human resources Maria Hannon calls it "the best interview I've ever done in my career." Of course, they were unable to hire him and Eli admits he needs a little more schooling under his belt. "These are the kind of people that grow up to win Nobel prizes or find a cure for cancer, and you want to encourage that," says museum CEO George Sparks. So they created a new position with the title of honorary chief curator for a day, which Eli was the first to occupy. His day came mid-March and he was introduced at a staff meeting, where he detailed his paleontology career in a PowerPoint presentation and took questions regarding his vision for the museum. He knows where he's heading, just needs to wait a little longer. "Once I know lots more about dinosaurs, then I apply for another job."


  1. I can't wait to see what Eli is doing in 20 years. With that kind of determination he's bound to accomplish something special whether he remains interested in dinosaurs or discovers something new to explore. :)


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