Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marathon mayhem

Contrary to what the insurance ads would have you believe, "mayhem" is not defined as a fender bender or property damage. It is the willful infliction of bodily injury on a person, such as what was perpetrated on runners, spectators, and staff at the Boston Marathon on April 15th. The 2 bombs, set off by 2 brothers, killed 3 people – including an 8-year-old boy – and grievously wounded more than 170 others. One of those injured in the blast was 27-year-old Jeff Bauman (PICTURED ABOVE), who lost both lower legs, while waiting for his girlfriend to cross the finish line. After Jeff's traumatic amputation (PHOTOS HERE – CAUTION*), he was rushed to Boston Medical Center and when he woke up from sedation had the presence of mind to ask for a pen and write, "bag, saw the guy, looked right at me." While still in intensive care, Bauman gave the F.B.I. a description of the man he saw, according to his brother Chris, which helped investigators focus on the suspects when screening hours of video of the attack. Suspect #1 was killed by law enforcement officers after the murder of a campus cop, a car chase, and a shootout (UNVERIFIED PHOTO HERE – CAUTION). Suspect #2 was captured bloody but alive last night.


*I do not espouse the political rantings beneath the photos.


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