Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gilding the lily

Turkish artist Hasan Kale* paints miniatures, but not on the head of a pin. He has painted scenes of his native Istanbul on a pumpkin seed, a coffee bean, a grain of rice, a pasta shell, a lump of sugar, a lemon peel, and a plant spike. But his canvasses also include things that would seem to need no further beautification. Kale brushes landscapes onto the natural colors of butterfly wings, adds images to the natural curl of the snail shell, and paints in the natural partitions of insect wings (IMAGES HERE, HERE, AND HERE). It is less intriguing to me that he attempts to further beautify beetles and butterflies, than the fact that he can fit his entire portfolio in his pocket!


* Thanks to Shelley for the lead on this one.


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