Saturday, March 9, 2013

Runway roadkill

Montana may become the latest state to legalize eating roadkill, but there is another use for animals that have been killed by cars. Wear them. British fashion designer Jesse Eaton creates garments from the pelts, feathers, and bones of animals that have been killed and eaten as food, have been culled as pests, have died of natural causes, or have been accidentally killed on the road. Her Roadkill Couture™ collection is all about sustainability:

"I never, ever kill animals for our designs and we wouldn’t accept anything that has been killed for the purpose of turning it into a fashion item. What I do is take these animals, once their natural lives are over and give them an endless afterlife."

Interestingly, she offers that immortality not only to anonymous animals, but to people's pets in a most beautiful way.


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  1. I wish I'd known about them when my cat Aztec died. I wanted to save his skull, but was too squeamish to remove it myself and couldn't find anyone in San Francisco to do it for me.


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