Friday, November 30, 2012

Striped and solid bolt

Nope, not fabric but a zebra and a pony that escaped from a Staten Island petting zoo. Casper the 14-year-old pony and Razzi the 4-month-old male zebra foal (image above, more photos here) escaped from an apparently unlicensed facility when the owner, Giovanni Schirripa, left the gate open after feeding them. It happened last Wednesday and soon they were off, down the neighborhood street. They made a good escape - Casper has gotten loose twice before and Razzi (short for "Paparazzi") follows him everywhere - but were corralled and brought home. Their gallop lasted only a few blocks, but was captured on video (watch it here) by Zachary Osher, who remarked to the New York Times, “They ran past me, and then they made a loop around the parking lot. I thought they were circus animals.” Said another witness to the brief adventure, “You live in New York long enough, nothing really weirds you out.
On the loose:

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