Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dali donation

I skip the weird news stories about the purchase of valuable paintings at thrift stores and garage sales - for instance “Vertical Diamond” by abstract painter Ilya Bolotowsky bought at a North Carolina store in April for $9.99 and auctioned for more than $27,000 - because it happens so regularly. But the most recent instance is especially noteworthy. A Goodwill store in Tacoma, Washington, received the anonymous donation of signed and numbered print. "Any time we get an art piece with a signature or a number, we set it aside," said e-sales manager Dylan Lippert. A good policy, since in this case it was a limited edition etching (126 of 150) entitled "Reflection" (pictured above) from the "Cycles of Life Suite" by Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali (1904-1989). "These items really boost our mission services. It funds our job-training services," said Lippert, who listed the print on-line. The auction ended yesterday and Goodwill Industries is $21,000 richer.
Several posts mention Salvador:


  1. lucky goodwill. I love dali.

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