Saturday, October 13, 2012

The next big thing

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While we're on the subject of eyes, let's consider a new technology developed by 3 recent Cornell University graduates - Aakash Jain, Abhilekh Agarwal, and Saurav Kumar - who now share a house together in California. While working full-time and with a minimum of sleep, the India nationals have spent nights and weekends creating software that turns the camera on any ordinary computing devices into eye-tracking technology. PredictGaze also has sophisticated facial and gesture recognition capability, and works in low-light conditions up to 12' away (see videos). Here are just a few of its practical uses:
  • The pages of an e-book can be turned by looking at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • The text of a long article on an iPhone will scroll down as the eye moves down the page.
  • The channel on a smart TV can be changed by gazing at a corner of the screen.
  • Games can be played by operating the controls with your eyes.
  • Music can be muted by looking at your device’s camera and raising your finger to your lips in a “shhhh” gesture. 
  • A movie on TV will pause when you walk out of the room and resume when you re-enter.
The software also has retail applications. A 4th man, ex-Yahoo executive Ketan Banjara, has been added on to develop PredictGaze's business and they will soon make an announcement about a big partnership. "These are the very earliest of days for PredictGaze, but you can expect big things to emerge from that garage in Santa Clara."

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