Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seaweed from the sky!

Naomi Sheldon (1st image) and Richard Sheldon (2nd image) were among the bewildered residents of Berkeley, Gloucestershire, U.K., who woke up on Wednesday to find that their driveways, gardens, and quiet street had been bombarded with marine algae. "I've heard stories of fish being picked up and dumped by storms but never seaweed. I was just so surprised," said Overton, who collected a bucketful from his yard. The deposit followed a heavy rain, and meteorologists speculate that a water spout had picked the seaweed up from Clevedon Beach in North Somerset, 32km (20mi) away. "At the same time as this incident was reported there were several thunderstorms in the area, one of which pictured by satellites on a nearby beach. If one of the funnel clouds touched down onto the beach, making it a tornado, it could have quite possibly picked up the seaweed and other debris if the tide was out and then later dumped it down the road at Berkeley Heath. It is a very strange event but it is possible," says weather expert, Ian Fergusson. Overton's wife Kate remarked that much of the smelly, slimy stuff remained camouflaged in the bushes and grass, and he added, "It's a shame really because had it have been fish we could have made a tasty dish with it but you can't really do the same with seaweed."
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