Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New funeral museum!

Sadly, the Museum of Funeral Customs in my hometown of Springfield, Illinois, closed in 2009, but a new museum has opened in Russia* to join an exclusive group of funeral museums operating around the world. The Museum of World Funeral Culture in Novosibirsk (photos above and here) was created by Sergei Yakushin, founder of the city's crematorium (photos here). Thousands of exhibits related to 19th and 20th c. memorial culture include mourning dresses, antique prints, historic hearses, embalming books, funeral ephemera, dioramas, and life-size installations. “The concept of our tactful and detailed account of the forms of remembrance, reverence for the forms of their ancestors. By and large, it is a museum of cultural memory,” says the museum’s director Tatiana Yakushina, who plans to arrange traveling exhibitions in other cities in Russia and abroad.

*Thanks for the news, Angie!
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  1. Thought you would like it Chris!

  2. Wow! I want to visit this place someday.


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