Thursday, August 23, 2012

Immodest mural

To call it pornographic is a bit much, considering it is not lewd and does - in my opinion - have a great deal of artistic merit. The mural (above, more photos here) was painted in Atlanta by a member of the group Living Walls. The question is whether or not this street art was sanctioned by the city. According to the Director of Cultural Affairs, the image wasn't approved. Another had been presented in its place and got the go-ahead, but this is the image that was applied to the wall. That wall is on private property, but in view of children being driven to daycare, schoolkids, and the members of a church and a mosque - all of whom are raising objections. For everyone who says, "I understand exactly what it is this woman [in the painting] is going through," there are ten who say, "Get that out of my neighborhood." The 28 female artists invited to participate in the Atlanta-based project left on Sunday, but the mural remains (so far). Living Walls is a nonprofit organization that began in 2009 to bring together street artists, academics and the public at large to activate and engage communities. Mission accomplished?

*I found the link to this story on one of my favorite sources of weird news:
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