Thursday, March 22, 2012


"I’ve already cried at the thought of him having it cut, and will cry again when it actually happens." ~Leeanne Smith, mother of 5-year-old Rean Carter (1st image, more photos here) of Hylton Castle, Sunderland, U.K., who plans to have his 18" hair cut for the 1st time because he is getting teased at school

"I've let her keep it this way because she likes having such long hair, but the time has come to get it cut." ~Catarina Moraes de Andrade, mother of 12-year-old Natasha (2nd image, more photos here) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who plans to have her 5' 2" hair cut for the 1st time because it is interfering with her after-school activities

If you would like to read more about hair, I have written several posts on the subject, including the extraordinary 18th c. French hairstyles for women, the prolific Seven Sutherland sisters, and the amusing Beard and moustache championships.

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