Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

"In China, a couple is defying all odds and captivating the hearts of thousands in the process. Their story is one of forbidden love, but still a true love story that has broken all racial stereotypes and proved that love does in fact win out in the end." Changmao the ram (长毛 "long hair") and Chunzi the doe (村子 "pure") have an "unconventional relationship." They were childhood sweethearts in the mixed community where they were raised in Kunming, Yunnan. Chunzi began making advances by nuzzling Changmao's luxurious hair. Landlord Liu Gencheng observed, "Chunzi is the prettiest....She was chased by other bucks. But Chunzi loves playing with Changmao the most."Soon he had fallen in love and was fending off the many rivals for Chunzi's affections. In fact, Changmao had a child from a former relationship and for this reason he and Chunzi separated so that he could attempt to reconcile with his former partner. But it was not to be, and suppressing his feelings for Chunzi brought out the worst in him. Within a matter of hours, he found himself lashing out at both the toddler and his mother. Meanwhile, Chunzi was blowing him kisses and succeeded in luring him back. "Seeing as they are so intimate, they have my blessing," said Li Xinmei, a visitor to the neighborhood. The couple have pledged to remain together, though they do not intend to raise a family. Today, before 500 guests, they are formalizing their relationship - although a leaked photograph confirms rumors that it has already been consummated.

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