Monday, January 2, 2012

Ring resurfaces

Lena married Ola Påhlsson in 1984 wearing a ring she had designed herself: white gold with 7 small diamonds. She had worn it for 10 years when it disappeared. Imagine her surprise in Oct. 2011 when she pulled up a small carrot from one of her garden boxes and there it was 16 years later! Lena had taken the ring off in 1995 to do some Christmas baking with her 6-year-old daughter Anna at their home in Langlet Nørve, Mora, Sweden. She was upset when it disappeared from the counter and says, "I looked and looked for it. The ring symbolized's my and my husband's love." But it was nowhere to be found and had apparently fallen down or behind the sink. Lena was hoping it would turn up when they renovated the kitchen and removed the floor tiles 4 years ago, but no such luck. "Then I thought that it's gone. The ring will never be found," she says, but she may have had it in her hands when she filled the garden boxes with compost. This fall, when harvesting her vegetables for the last time before the winter season, Lena saw something glimmer on a carrot so small she had almost discarded it. She called out to Anna, now 22, who came outside with the camera. When Ola came home, he could not believe his eyes. "That the carrot would begin to sprout in the middle of the ring is quite incredible." While the carrot has grown inside the ring, Lena has grown outside it: she now has to have it enlarged so it will fit on her finger again.

Note: After seeing this story in the American weird news, I went directly to the Swedish sources I have linked to and used Google Translate.

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