Friday, December 30, 2011

Yarn and you

My friend Sue,* an accomplished knitter, has brought something to my attention which puts a smile on my face and has turned my blog into a project today. Artists and craftspersons have taken up the challenge of anatomical knitting (and cross stitch). I have posted examples above - in relative anatomical position, if not in size scale - with links to sources and alternative body parts:

The brain (1st image) was knitted by Missouri psychiatrist Karen Norberg. Sarah Illenberger has also knitted a brain.

This jaw (2nd image) is a detail of the complete skeleton knitted by Los Angeles multi-media artist Ben Cuevas for his “Transcending the Material” installation.

The thyroid gland (3rd image) was knitted by Ben Cuevas for his installation "The Hospital Room."

The heart (4th image) was knitted by German artist Sarah Illenberger. Ben Cuevas has also knitted a heart.

This digestive tract (5th image) was knitted by Matie Trewe. Ben Cuevas and Sarah Illenberger have also knitted intestines.

This cross stitch (6th image) was made by Christa Rowley as part of her "Female Anatomy Cross Section" series, which also includes a breast and an ovary. M.K. Carroll designed and knitted a uterus, as has a blogger named Kris, while others have attempted the external male and female genitalia.

The rectum (7th image) was knitted by Ben Cuevas as part of his installation "The Hospital Room."

As you will see from my Halloween slideshow if you scroll down, I designed and sewed my own set of internal organs for my organ donor costume in 1994, with the added bonus that I used velcro so that each was detachable!

Sue, if I buy the pattern will you knit me a dissected lab rat? ;-)

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