Saturday, December 24, 2011


ItalicAround this time of year, there is the perennial story of someone, neither a Santa Claus nor a chimney sweep, who gets stuck in a chimney and requires rescue. It wasn't hard to find some representative members - both adults and children - of this exclusive club:

Houston, Texas | Jan. 2004
Would-be burglar of a restaurant
"A police dog immediately spotted the legs dangling from the fireplace..."

Evansville, Indiana | Sept. 2007
Man trying to play a practical joke
"I was drunk, everybody do a stupid thing sometimes when they are drunk, ok?"

Jackson, Mississippi | Dec. 2009
Young boy attempting to retrieve backpack thrown by his brother (video here)
"I've seen a lot of things but this is not one of them."

Seattle, Washington | Feb. 2010
23-year-old trying to break into a house
"...he will be booked into jail upon his release from the hospital."

Sao Paulo, Brazil | Feb. 2010
Man breaking into local bar
"..tried to make a discreet entrance...but had to shout for help..."

New Canaan, Connecticut | June 2010
Adventurous 9-year-old girl
This is very unusual. Particularly since she made it all the way from the top to the bottom without getting stuck. Thank God she went down feet-first so she wasn’t hanging upside down.”

Woodlake, California | Aug. 2010
11-year-old (1st image, video here) going headfirst into their new home when his family locked themselves out
"He was hollering. Mama please help me. I'm scared and crying."

Knoxville, Tennessee | Aug. 2010
22-year-old man entering occupied home with gasoline
"I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I believe I'm crazy."

Port Vila, Vanuatu | Oct. 2011
8-year-old going after something to drink from a neighbor's house
"Rescuers said the boy remained amazingly calm, but was still very thirsty. "

Lubbock, Texas | Nov. 2011
22-year-old man locked out of his own house and unwilling to pay for a locksmith
Even if you would fit down the chimney flue, getting pass the damper assembly is — I can’t see anybody getting past that.”

Norcross, Georgia | Nov. 2011
16-year-old (3rd image) trying to break in
"Ah, I’m stupid.”

Labrador, Gold Coast, Australia | Dec. 2011
Autistic boy who fell in while on the roof of the family home
"Fire officers spent the next two hours trying to free the boy, eventually dismantling part of the chimney from inside the house to rescue him just moments before a heavy thunderstorm hit the area."

Stockton, California | Dec. 2011
18-year-old sneaking into his own house because he missed curfew (2nd and 4th images)
He’s dirty and embarrassed and it remains to be seen what his parents will do with him.”

All of these soot-covered individuals were rescued. Not so for a 57-year-old man in Helsinki, Finland, in June 2010, as construction workers discovered...

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