Monday, December 19, 2011

Delicious dresses






"World Chocolate Wonderland (世界巧克力梦公园)," China's 1st "chocolate theme park" (actually a traveling show) was held in Beijing last year, is now open in Shanghai, and will move on to Hong Kong. In addition to chocolate reproductions of paintings and sculptures, and tutorials with chocolatiers, audiences are treated to a fashion show in which the models are garbed or accessorized in chocolate. With the show's debut, chocolate fashion has crossed hemispheres. Until now, the Salon du Chocolat has had the chocolate runway all wrapped up. As one of their highly-promoted events for the public at their chocolate exhibitions in Europe (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Cairo, and Bologna) and the U.S. (New York), the Salon du Chocolat gives visitors the opportunity to meet their favorite brands, discover new artisans, talk to figureheads of the chocolate world, taste new products, and cook with the greatest chefs. For those in the
industry (chocolatiers, pastry chefs, confectioners, ice cream makers, manufacturers, distributors), the Salon du Chocolat Professionnel offers a comprehensive view of the market, from producing countries and raw materials to equipment, packaging, and training. Taking the cue, a Greek chef hosted a chocolate fashion show to promote her new line of sweets, Cadbury mounted the "Chocolate Couture Collection Fashion Show" in Toronto, and the German bakery group Lambertz offered a presentation of chocolate dresses in Munich. With a looming cocoa bean shortage, I hope the fashion shows have recycling programs...


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