Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tempting tree trunk

After seeing this story yesterday, I am left wondering how this California man managed to keep his identity a secret from the media. But the larger question is what possessed him to lower himself into a hole in a tree in the first place? "Why he's in a tree, I have no idea," said Battalion Chief Kris Concepcion of the Orange County Fire Authority. Finding himself in the ridiculous situation of being stuck up to his shoulders in the trunk of a hollow tree (pictured, more photos here), all the young man could do was scream for help. Luckily, his cries were heard and reported, and Orange County deputies responded to a Laguna Hills intersection. Following the noise down a creek bed, they found the trapped man at about 10:30am on Tuesday. He had climbed into the narrow hole near the base of the tree which led some 4' or 5' underground, leaving only his head and arms visible. Firefighters were called on to free him, which they did in about an hour and a half. The branches of the tree were cut, but its victim suffered no injuries, although the status of his mental health was evaluated. As strange as this story is, at least it did not involve murder, like the last time a hollow tree made the news.

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