Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maine mystery about to unravel

Bangor native Francis "Frank" P. Julian - 80-year-old great-great-grandfather of 1, great-grandfather of 17, grandfather of 20, and father of 4 sons and 5 daughters - died unexpectedly on Oct. 1st. His family ran an obituary, held a funeral at Pinette & Lynch in Lewiston, and laid him to rest at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Old Town. This past Friday, the family set aside time to empty out Frank's unit at Moore Self Storage (pictured). He had rented the 10' x 10' space since 1992 and it was paid up through next month. Over the years, Frank had operated a pizza parlor, sold novelties, and owned a variety store. Consequently, his storage unit was filled top to bottom. "There were boxes on tops of boxes. From front to back, from top to bottom, it was full of boxes," described Gary Boilard, owner of the facility. The family was about halfway through removing the boxes, which were filled mainly with household items, when they came across the unplugged freezer. They're not talking with reporters about what they found, although they are cooperating fully with police. The freezer unit contained human remains - whether mummified or skeletonized is unclear - and was removed, with the body still inside, under the direction of chief medical examiner Dr. Margaret Greenwald. An autopsy was carried out yesterday morning, but cause of death and other details have not yet been released. The M.E. may be able to ascertain identity by comparing the DNA with that of family members of a woman who went missing in 1983. Police hope to solve the cold case of 29-year-old Kitty I. Wardwell of Holden, Maine. She was reported missing by her friend and later by her sister. Wardwell was described as 5' 7" tall and weighing 120lbs pounds, with brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. The last person to see her before she disappeared was her "on-again off-again" live-in boyfriend, a man 23 years her senior...a man by the name of Frank Julian. Frank had been interviewed by police more than once and admitted he and Wardwell had fought before he dropped her off at a motel in Salem, New Hampshire, and headed home without her. It now seems that maybe he didn't return to Maine without her after all, and the possibility is raising many eyebrows. "It just gives me the creeps," said former customer Jane Child. “Frank was a nice guy. He wasn't a freak show....I could tell you he gave me the heebie-jeebies and he creeped me out, but that's not the case,” commented Mark Ferguson, a wholesale client. "How do you keep a secret that long?" asks Boilard. Some questions will be resolved in a matter of days, but probably not that last one.

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