Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello kitty

This gorgeous black smoke tabby cat is making international news with his regularity - not in the litter box, but at the local train platform. Graeme Riley (click on image for video) is a resident of Melbourne who accompanies his owner Nicole to the train station on the Hurstbridge line each day to see her off to work. He returns on his own every evening to pick her up. "He always seems to know which train carriage I am on and will be sitting there behind the yellow line when the doors open, because he is all about safety," says Nicole. Graeme crosses through the station rather than walking on the tracks, avoiding the fate of 12-year-old British cat Caspar, who was killed crossing the road to catch his bus. Casper of Plymouth, Devon, spent up to an hour a day making a round trip back to his stop, and is estimated to have logged 20,000 miles. The fate of another cat nicknamed Macavity, who was catching the Walsall-to-Wolverhampton bus in West Midlands, England, is unreported. But points out that a female calico named Tama (Facebook page here), born and raised at the rail station in the Japanese city of Kinokawa, Wakayama, was named station manager at the age of 9 and given her own office, a former ticket booth. Graeme (Facebook page here) was rescued from a life on the streets several years ago, making him about 12 years old. He has become friendly - but not too friendly, of course - with the other commuters, and has been known to ride the train with them for a few stops. "He's gorgeous. He just lights up our mornings and evenings," said one regular. And he's a handsome addition to Quigley's Cabinet...

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