Sunday, July 24, 2011

A neat trick in Victorville

Here are the events as they unfolded in Victorville, California, on Thursday:

The driver of a minivan was heading north on Village Drive and stopped short to turn left on Rancho Road. A motorcyclist was following behind him and didn’t have time to brake. He crashed into the van, shattering the rear window. Witnesses called 911 to report the accident at 3:46pm, but were unable to tell authorities where the victims were. Because he lived only a couple of blocks away, the driver of the minivan proceeded to his house and pulled into the driveway, shouting to his wife that he’d just been rear-ended and needed to get back to the scene. The callers were afraid that the motorcycle rider had become trapped beneath the vehicle. “That’s when it started to sound ominous,” said a spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office.
When the driver of the minivan returned to the scene, witnesses and emergency personnel were searching a nearby hillside for the biker's body. But the van now had a passenger. "I hit the rear end of the vehicle, flew through the window, and into the back seat," explained motorcyclist Alonzo Ray (watch video here). Although news accounts report that the minivan driver was unaware that the man who had crashed into his van was now sitting in it, Ray claims that the man didn't stop because he was driving without a license. Nevertheless, no charges were filed and neither man required immediate medical attention. (Ray asked only for an icepack for his hand, and it turns out he had broken his thumb.) “We’re calling this one a non-injury collision with a twist.”

Note that these images are just for illustrative purposes and were not taken at the scene.

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