Tuesday, July 19, 2011

House sat empty

Queue up the Harry Belafonte before you read this. Here's the story of another house that sat unoccupied for decades. This time it's a 1950s time capsule located at 96 Cameron Road, Te Puke, in the Western Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. A World War II navy veteran named Peter Welch built the home in 1959 for his mother and sister, but they never relocated from England. Welch lived in a small adjacent house, while the bigger house remained furnished but unoccupied for 50+ years - but for a single visit by his sister. "That one night was the only time someone has ever slept in the house, to my knowledge," said the trustee of the estate. The property was sold at auction after Welch died this year. The 3-bedroom residence (4th image) and all its contents were in pristine condition and feature the following:
  • Spacious living room (5th image) with open fireplace and parquet flooring "as perfect as the day it was laid because it's never been walked on"
  • Dining room with table and chair set (2nd image) and cabinet containing a radio, record player (1st image), and a dozen albums
  • Kitchen (3rd image) with a wall oven, range, chip-heater, stainless steel counters, wooden drawers, and cabinets housing unused copper-bottomed pots
  • Bedroom with 2 single beds (6th image), built-in dressing tables, and his and hers wardrobes
  • Bathroom with shower and mosaic floor
"It is beautiful...and a bit like you've stepped back in time," said the new owner, who was giving her rental tenants a 3-month option to buy.


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