Saturday, June 18, 2011

Curious Canadian crimes

Dundalk, Ontario On June 8th, a Canadian resident reported to Provincial Police that his house had been stolen. He had lived in the 45' double-wide mobile home (example, 1st image) for 10 years, but it had disappeared. After a search, the authorities found it on a rural property a relatively short distance away. When they approached the occupant, 43-year-old Jeffrey LaForest, he produced fraudulent documents to convince them that he owned the building. He was charged with theft over $5,000 (the prefabricated building is worth an estimated CAN$30,000), mischief, and uttering a forged document. The only mystery is how he moved the stolen home to its new location.

Edmonton, Alberta On June 12th, Denise Thompson and her children returned home after a weekend away. They had entered the house through the back door, so it was not until she opened the blinds of the large picture window in the front room that she noticed her beautiful, thick, green front lawn was gone. “Now my place looks like I’m a farmer who just plowed and is ready to put their seeds down,” said Thompson (2nd image). Neighbors had noticed a white truck and trailer parked at her house, but thought nothing of it. The homeowner talked to her puzzled insurance company about the $10,000 problem that she hoped was a mistake, and then turned to the news media to implore whoever made it to come forward. After the story of her stolen lawn went viral later that day, a landscaper came to her house with a business card and a personal apology: “Our BobCat guy, he was supposed to be three blocks down. He had the wrong address. It’s just an honest mistake. It’s an error and we’ll gladly correct it.” Everything will be sorted out this week, to the regret of her boys who were excited that they didn't have to mow the grass!

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