Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Suicide by animal

This was reported today:
Suicide by crocodile
A 40-year-old South African
father of 3 had an argument with his partner and afterward waded into a crocodile-infested river near Kruger National Park. "The man has not been seen since the incident and his body has not been found. Our investigations have revealed that at around 7pm on April 7 he told a co-worker he wanted to walk into the river, which he knew to be infested with crocodiles. He was last seen heading towards the water and never turned up after that....If that is true then it was a particularly horrible and painful way to die," said police.

It reminded me of this report from January:
Suicide by bear
An escapee from a minimum-security prison near Kingman, Arizona, planned to enter Yellowstone National Park, overdose on heroin, and allow bears to eat him. He was experiencing panic while on the lam, but was recaptured before he could carry out his plan.

I googled and found this footage posted in 2007:
Suicide by lion
A Chinese man entered an African lion enclosure in a Beijing zoo and attempted to provoke the male into attacking and, presumably, killing him. Instead, the lions were killed so that he could be rescued.

And then I remembered this from 2 years ago:
Suicide by polar bear?
For unknown reasons, a 32-year-old German woman jumped into the polar bear habitat at the Berlin Zoo. Despite attempts by 6 zookeepers to distract the 4 bears, she was bitten several times before she could be hoisted to safety (the bear is pictured with her sweater after the attack).

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