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7/25/1875 Eugenia Falleni is born in Florence, Italy, and moves with her family to Wellington, New Zealand, at the age of 2.

c. 1890s A teenage runaway takes work in a brickyard, later signing on as a cabin boy aboard a ship.

c. 1898 A pregnant woman disembarks at Newcastle, New South Wales, and leaves her newborn daughter Josephine in the care of a woman in Sydney.

c. 1910s Harry Leo Crawford hires himself out in Sydney as a manual laborer in a meat factory, hotels, laundries, and a rubber company.

c. 1912 Crawford is hired as a yardman and driver for Dr. G.R.C. Clarke of Wahroonga, where he becomes friendly with one of his boss's domestic servants, widow Annie Birkett, and her 9-year-old son.

2/19/1913 Harry Leo Crawford weds Annie Birkett and settles in Balmain. The marriage is stormy and the couple are heard to argue frequently, especially after a young woman named Josephine joins the family.

1918 Crawford fails to report his wife missing after a picnic. Claiming she left him, Crawford sold everything and moved out with his stepson.

Harry Leo Crawford, representing himself as a widower, marries Elizabeth King Allison in Canterbury.

7/5/1920 Harry Leo Crawford (1st image) is arrested on suspicion of the murder of his 1st wife Annie Crawford, whose body had finally been identified after being discovered in October 1917, charred beyond recognition and apparently battered.

10/1920 Eugenia Falleni (2nd image) faces charges of murder. She is convicted and condemned to death, but her sentence is commuted to detainment at the Governor’s Pleasure.

8/16/1928 Eugenia Falleni (3rd image) is photographed after serving 8 years in the State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay, N.S.W.

2/1931 Jean Ford, recently released from prison, lives in Paddington and works as a landlady.

6/10/1938 Jean Ford dies of injuries at Sydney, a day after being struck by a car.

Eugenia Falleni, the cabin boy, the pregnant woman, Harry Leo Crawford, and Jean Ford were one and the same. "I always wondered why he was so painfully shy..." said Crawford's 2nd wife.

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  1. So between July 1920 when Harry was arrested for murder and October of the same year when Eugenia was convicted of murder, the authorities found out that it was the same person, in fact Eugenia? What a hard life she had.


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