Sunday, January 16, 2011

Turkey legs!

I have heard from my friend Megan, who is out in California earning her Ph.D. She just went to Disneyland with her boyfriend Gabe (3rd image). Her e-mail about the experience tickled me so much, I asked if she would mind if I shared it, especially since I had the perfect illustration for it. "Haha!" she replied. "A turkey-leg-related post on the blog sounds great! I'd love that. Although, actually, it would be a love-hate thing. I may have to shield my eyes a little." To explain, here is her original message:
Disneyland was great! I liked the Indiana Jones ride and Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and I also (predictably) had a great time on all the little kid rides (Toad's Wild Rde especially). The only thing I didn't really like was that in Frontierland, they sell those huge roast turkey legs like they have at Renaissance Fairs - for some reason, and ever since I was a little kid, those big turkey legs scare the crap out of me! So, Frontierland sucked because you always had to be standing around in line and walking about near people with those awful giant legs in their hands. Anyway, besides that, it was a pretty neat place. I only have this one photo, which I'm attaching, which isn't a really good one, but you can see Sleeping Beauty's castle in the background!
Above are photos of a toddler Quigley (1st image) and Stephen Colbert (2nd image) enjoying monstrous turkey legs. In planning this post, I got the lowdown on the delectable Disney variety: they inject a salt cure into the muscle tissue of this 1.5lb treat before smoking it for 6 hours (see video above). They sell 1.5 million of their signature Frontierland turkey legs a year, and the sight of people gnawing on them makes visitors (other than Megan) snicker and laugh! If you want to try cooking them yourself, QuarryLaneFarms suggests brining before putting them into the smoker, and concludes, "So easy, even a caveman can do it.”

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  1. No seriously! They are so easy that anyone can make them.

    You can do it!


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