Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sights, smells, and sounds

The gaslit cobbled streets of the city are dark, dirty, and dank, and one of the houses is said to be haunted. The winding alleys, courtyards, storefronts, and dockside are papered with advertisements and populated by shopkeepers and street entertainers. Chimney sweeps and washerwomen also make their rounds. Shady characters - some of them likely pickpockets - loiter in dark corners, and the ratcatchers are busy at their work. The walls of Marshalsea Prison are cracked and peeling, and the cells themselves are fetid and grimy. The skyline is dilapidated, the schoolroom cramped. A boat travels through a sewer, under a tunnel, and past a graveyard. Victorian London? Nope. The modern recreation that is Dickens World theme park in Chatham, Kent, U.K.


  1. Did you really just write... Dickens World 'theme park?'

  2. Gor blimey strike a light guvner, the street's too clean to be genuine. Where's the two feet of horse manure?


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