Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Which is more difficult?

Taking care of 1,500 dogs? Chinese businesswoman Ha Wenjin (1st image) gave up her career and sold her house, her car, and her jewelry to adopt more than 1,500 stray dogs. "At first I did this in my spare time, but as I gathered more and more abandoned pets, I had to work full time for them," she explains. She was not an animal hoarder, but was in fact committed to establishing a dog rescue center in Tangquan County, Nanjing. A staff of 10 volunteers helped her look after the dogs and others donated hundreds of pork buns to keep them fed. Unfortunately, the local government reclaimed the land on which the unofficial shelter was located. "I had to find a new place which was deserted [and very cheap to rent] and not close to any human habitat, as 1,500 dogs are not quiet." Nor are they clean. Ha has found a series of sites, but relocating the dogs requires the use of 4 buses and the help of many pooper scoopers to clean the vehicles up after the move. Most recently, the stray animal shelter - called Ping'an Afu, which means safety and happiness - relocated to a mountain village on the outskirts of Nanjing. The volunteer pool has grown to 300, but donations barely sustain the place.


Caring for 1/10th as many children without legs?
The children aren't amputees, she is. Chinese woman Xu Yuehua (2nd image) lost both legs at the age of 12 when she was hit by a train while gathering coal by the tracks. She lost both parents 5 years later and was taken in by the Xiangtan Orphan's House in Hunan Province. After teaching herself to walk using stools, Xu began helping out with the other children, washing, feeding, changing, clothing, and cleaning them. After 37 years, she has worn out more than 40 stools, and helped raise more than 130 orphans. One of them - Sheng Li, who was born with a harelip and abandoned as a baby, credits Xu with saving her life and remembers, "Her stool walking was the most beautiful sound to me then."

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