Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas saved from a skunk

Imagine Peggy Christian's dismay 2 weeks ago when the Operation Christmas volunteer entered the donation storage facility and was, as she says, "knocked down with the smell of skunk." Dolls, stuffed animals, and other toys that had been collected all year and were destined for nearly 800 children in McClain County were spoiled. "We found a few pieces that we've been able to salvage, but a lot of it we don't think we have a chance for." The citizens of Purcell, Oklahoma - along with people across the U.S. who heard about the disaster - came to the rescue with donations and cash to replace the $16,000 worth of gifts. When she distributed them last Friday, Peggy said, “It’s so exciting. We’re giving out toys today, and I think we’re going to make up everything we spent. No one has asked a single question about the skunk. I guess if they couldn’t smell it, they weren’t going to fret about it." No chance of a repeat next year: the county has donated a skunk-proof metal storage shed.

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